• SAFEFLEX INTERNATIONAL LTD is a ISO 9001 certified company and has a turnover of over Rs100 Crores.
  • SAFEFLEX INTERNATIONAL LTD has invested over 10million USD in the development of DURANET manufacturing Unit.
  • SAFEFLEX INTERNATIONAL LTD is headed by Mr. Jitesh Agarwal a pioneer in the field of polymers and textiles.
  • RAD Global P Ltd. is a sister concern of Safeflex International Ltd and has manufacturing facility in Jaipur, Rajasthan for production of DURANET.
  • A rock solid infrastructure allows DURANET to invest in product development and research. We thus bring new customized solutions to market every day.

DURANET Manufacturing Unit
  • DURANET manufacturing unit is equipped with:
    • 8 x Karl Mayer 6 gauge RS4NF machines with 6m width for knitted geo textiles (New machines, 2012 models)
    • 2 x Karl Mayer 9 gauge RS4NF machines with 6m width for knitted geo textiles (New machines, 2012 models)
    • 20 x Wei Ming WMF1500 slitters for Raschel machines.
    • 3 Layer Film Extrusion plant with Beta Gauge of capacity of 6tons per day
    • Mono thread extrusion plant of capacity for 3tons per day.
    • All Quality Assurance equipment and machines
    • Stitching and product development team & equipment
  • We are a ISO 9001 certified company

DURANET Manufacturing Unit
  • Raw Materials are purchased from reputed sources only, and after rigorous testing.
  • Beta Gauges are installed in extruders to ensure proper film thickness by online monitoring and correction.
  • UV stability is tested by QUV tester - to ensure required outdoor life in normal circumstances.
  • Colour fastness is also checked in the QUV tester.
  • Width, shade factor and GSM of the nets is measured on line.
  • Historical records of various designs is kept for future reference
  • Whenever needed, dimensional stability is achieved using stentering of the nets.