DURANET - Grow or build, we cover
DURANET brings to you knitted nets made with world class technology and a science driven approach. Manufactured on highly advanced German Karl Mayer machinery, our brand stands for quality, consistency, and innovation. We design DURANET products with utmost care keeping in mind the specific applications for which are products will be used. We provide solution which are effective, economical and long lasting.

Headquartered in Pitampur, Madhya Pradesh, DURANET is manufactured jointly by Safeflex International Ltd. Pitampur, M.P and RAD Global P Ltd. located in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Our manufacturing facility is built up in over 150,000sq ft area and is facilitated by world class German Karl Mayer machinery. With production capacity of over 4,500 Metric Tons annually, our production facilities perform all operations inhouse including extrusion, film production, slitting ad finishing.

Each DURANET product is quality tested to ensure that our nets are consistent and we build a long lasting relation with our customers. We innovate to bring customized solutions for each business vertical including agriculture, construction, outdoor shading and food packaging.

DURANET, Grow or Build, We Cover.